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WHAN Radio 102.9FM out of Ashland, VA plays The Atkinsons on the Drive Thru with Rog!


91.3FM WLVR out of Bethlehem, PA plays The Atkinsons on the Roots & Boots Roadhouse with "The Hairless Hippie"!  "Caroline", "Please Don't Come Back to Richmond", "Wanted Her to Go", "Her Mind's On Other Things", etc. 


Sounds of RVA voted The Atkinsons "Mile Marker" CD as #2 Top Album from RVA 2011!

"This is the kind of alt-country album that sticks with you till the end. Great instrumentation, musicianship, and song structures, pristine recording."


VCU's radio station WVCW played The Atkinsons on the Rag V & The Jive show. 


RVA Playlist "New Releases" article for ATK's Mile Marker, May 23, 2011 by Andrew Cothern.

"Country-rock group The Atkinsons are no strangers to the Richmond scene. I’ve seen them a number of times and thought they were pretty decent. But nothing could prepare me for their incredible second album “Mile Marker.”  It only goes to show that these guys have new tricks up their sleeves. It’s surprisingly good and on constant repeat."


Style Weekly included The Atkinsons "You Could Go" as 1 of 22 tracks on their Sounds of Richmond Vol. 4 

compilation in their Annual Music Issue on May 17, 2011!


Live performance on WRIR 97.3 Activate! with Mike Rutz for the Spring Fund Drive on May 4, 2011.  

ATK played "No Ordinary Home", "You Could Go" and "Scar".  See on YouTube.


Featured on 102.1 the X Studio B with Jay Smack on May 1, 2011.  Played "Lyin' and Honesty", "Wanted Her to Go" and "Scar" and Dickie and Jeff played "You Could Go" live.  Hear podcast here.


Sounds of RVA "Mile Marker" CD review by Sarah Moore in May 2011.  

"Richmond’s The Atkinsons have just released their second album, Mile Marker. The Atkinsons have been together for seven years, though, so they have had time to hone their sound and get any kinks out of their system. You might even say that along the way, the band has gone down certain roads, marking them as they go along. “[Mile Marker] follows its own path from the back roads to the highways that inevitably lead you back home.” ...cont.


"Mile Marker" was added to CDBaby.com and iTunes.com!


Magazine33 review of The Atkinsons "Mile Marker" CD Release show in May 2011.  

Article by Robin Marschak; pictures by Scott Baker.  Read it here.

"Richmond - If you pay any attention to the rock or country flavored bands playing around Richmond, you have probably heard of the Atkinsons. They've been around for a couple years now, if you consider seven to be a couple. Most of that time has been spent playing at venues and festivals all over Richmond and the surrounding area. For all those years playing they had until recently only released one album, a self-proclaimed alt-country opera called American Gothic. They really are a performance band. It's obvious from seeing them play that they just enjoy being up on stage playing music. Recording is more of an afterthought for them."  cont....


Handful of Brains blog on April 14, 2011 including live video of ATK performing "Eileen" 

at Ashland Coffee & Tea in December 2010.


Richmond Times Dispatch Weekender included pic of ATK and details of CD Release show on April 14, 2011.


Style Weekly That One Song interview by Mike Rutz on April 12, 2011.  Read it here.

The article also featured a free download of "You Could Go".

The Atkinsons, "You Could Go" - "Many a musician was born and many a band was formed at the now defunct Matt's Village Pub. In the early oughts, mandolin player Jeff Williams played host to a popular open-mic night that launched numerous musical careers, including the Gaskets, the Ex-Patriots, Jared Jones of Lust Not Love, Jim O'Brien of Schnitzel and the Atkinsons.  It's been more than seven years since Atkinsons guitarist and vocalist Dickie Wood drew his name on that chalkboard, and he's still performing twangy rock songs with Williams. Borrowing the last name of fellow open-mic performer Gary Atkinson for their first gig, the duo eventually pieced together a full band, which includes Wood's wife, Jamie, on harmonies and percussion. The Atkinsons' new album, "Mile Marker," punctuates their Southern rock flair, while paying homage to some of their favorite storytellers."  cont...  


Grid Magazine featured The Atkinsons in the RVA Vibe section in the March/April 2011 issue.  Read it here.

Article by Anika Imajo; picture by Scott Baker.  

"At the base of all our music are rock and roll songs," remarks lead vocalist and guitarist Dickie Wood. "When you add fiddle, mandolin, and three-part harmonies, it turns into something a little different". Mile Marker showcases The Atkinsons' established qualities- swinging Americana sound, richly textured vocals, and compelling original compositions-but represents a stylistic departure from the band's 2007 CD, American Gothic. "The songs on Mile Marker are more individual slices of inspiration that touch on various styles of music," according to Wood. "While there still may be a little swing left, there are grittier, swampy undertones."  cont...


WSLR 96.5 FM out of Sarasota FL plays "Caroline" on the "From The Mountains And Beyond" show!


Pocahontas Times featured picture of ATK playing Camp Barefoot 4 on August 26, 2010.

"Rockin’ for a Cause" b
"The Atkinsons, of Richmond, Virginia, play the main stage Saturday at the 4th Annual Camp Barefoot in Bartow. Camp Barefoot is a three-day event with music, art and crafts. All proceeds from the event will go to the Pocahontas County Humane Society."


The Atkinsons were a featured Under The Radar artist on Floydfest.com for Floydfest 9 in 2010.


Magazine33 article in November 2009 issue by Robin Marschak including front cover picture of The Atkinsons.

"If you aren't already in love with the Atkinsons, and I'm betting quite a few of you are, then you will be as soon as you see them perform.  This is a feel good, roots rocking, americana, hellofa good time.  So don't miss out!"


Richmond Times-Dispatch article regarding Massey's Fourth Annual Swinetangle BBQ September 28, 2009 "Good times, good cause:  The James River lapped onto the shore while the sounds of Richmond-based Americana band The Atkinsons floated through the air."


 Richmond.com "Say hello to The Atkinsons" article promoting Friday Cheers show scheduled for June 5, 2009 with Jerry Douglas and The Atkinsons opening.  (Unfortunately the Cheers show was rained out.) 


The Atkinsons were one of 10 featured bands in Richmond Magazine's Sourcebook in February 2009 and included a picture of Dickie Wood (page 74-75).


"Caroline" hit a high of 15 out of 406 on Ourstage.com in the Americana/Alt Country genre in November 2008.


The PBS music series The Music Seen started to air nationally the summer of 2008 to many different locations including Chicago, Detroit, Sacramento, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, Birmingham, Buffalo, Huntsville, Montgomery and Wilmington.  The Atkinsons played on Season 6 along with the Palominos and Buttercup.


Massey Alliance's Swinetangle BBQ article on Richmond.com


ATK was the featured artist in the Town of Ashland's On Track newsletter Summer 2008.  Read it here.


Style Weekly's Belle Magazine included picture and blurb re:show at Pocahontas Premieres with The Atkinsons and Blue Line Highway on August 9, 2008.


Brick Weekly included picture from Colonial Downs Rhythm Bets N' Brews Festival on July 26, 2008.


The Atkinsons in Boomer Life Magazine. "The Atkinsons, who cover the territory between Americana Country swing and straight-up rock".


The Atkinsons are often the Roots featured artist on Noisehead.com.


Handful of Brains blog on March 10, 2008 - ATK opening for Grace Potter at Toad's Place.


"American Gothic" review on Twangville.com and TheGobblersKnob.com by Kelly Dearmore.


The Atkinsons were played on Fox Sports Radio 910 AM on Feb. 11, 2008 on Game Time React with JT the Brick.


"Caroline" played twice on WRIR River City Limits show on Feb. 2, 2008: ATK's original version and Schnitzel's cover! 


The Atkinsons in the weekly Star Profile on Scotland's Kernow Cowboy in Feb. 2008.


 Richmond.com included ATK's show at Poe's Pub as pick of the week in the SoundOff section on Jan. 25, 2008.

"It's 'rock with a twang', as the band calls it.  We say it's pretty rockin', boot tapping Americana.  Apparently, we aren't the only people that think so.  Their CD "American Gothic" has received some awesome reviews from all over."


"Out of Time" and artist profile included on IndieHighway.com in the Americana genre in January 08.


"American Gothic" review on AmericanaRoots.com in December 2007.  

"The CD has roots rock sound accented with Mike Ferry's fiddle which is frequently and effectively used to provide the "mood" of the songs.  This is especially true on one of my favorite tracks, "Chapter One", Caroline.  The next "chapters" are also powerful tunes; Chapter 4, "Forever Wanting You" has some good old 'southern rock' guitar riffs you might hear in old Molly Hatchet tunes. "Part of Me" is a haunting acoustic tune that starts off with the harmonica effectively mimicking a train whistle. Another standout 'Chapter' is "Move Along" which is a bit of of southern 'anthem' or jam type tune with some nice guitar in the middle. The music is moody and strong, and as you can tell by the quote above a great deal of thought went into the album.  Leader Dickie Wood sings lead vocals on the tunes, and definitely has a twang to his voice- if twangy voices aren't your thing, you'll still enjoy the CD- maybe listen to half at a time.  If you like powerful music and a twangy voice to boot, you'll really enjoy this CD."  -AmericanaRoots.com by Don Zelazny


"Caroline" was played on Ray Randall's podcast show, Americana Roots Review Vol. 55


The Atkinsons added to VA Jukebox in November 2007.

"You had me at "Caroline"!  You guys are wonderful.  A breath of fresh air - unpretentious; down to earth; heart-stirring music." 


Tracks from "American Gothic" added to the Town of Ashland, VA Cable Channel 17 in October 2007.


Tracks from "American Gothic" added to the playlist on Cosmic American Radio in October 2007.  

"I recently received this disc in the mail. I don't really recall how it got sent to me but I put it in the stack to listen to. Many of the discs that arrive in the mail aren't very good so I don't get too excited. However, I love this record.  If you like Blue Mountain, Son Volt & Scott Miller you'll like The Atkinsons. I have added the entire disc to the playlist because it was too hard to leave anything out.  Check these guys out and give the record a listen...you'll probably like it."


Picture from Beaverdam Heritage Days in the Hanover Herald Progress on October 17, 2007.


Tracks from "American Gothic" played on Newgrass, Prog & More on Live365.com


ATK picture Brick Weekly on September 6, 2007 promoting ATK's Cafe Diem show.


Tracks from "American Gothic" are regularly played on Richmond's WRIR 97.3 shows such as Activate!, River City Limits and Lost Music Saloon.


 Americana Rhythm Music Magazine review of "American Gothic" September 2007.

"Their bio says The Atkinsons are an Americana band "rooted in rock, touched by country, and rich in harmonies. The Atkinsons merge their signature sound with bittersweet tales of woe and heartbreak." The neat thing about Americana music is that is encompasses so many influences. The Atkinsons, from Richmond, VA, have a unique blend that seems to work. It's not Bluegrass or Old-Time, but the classic Americana feel is still there."


Style Weekly review of "American Gothic" June 20, 2007 by Josh Bearman 

The Atkinsons, “American Gothic”  (self-released)
"Dickie Wood has a lot of words floating around in his head. That’s the thought that comes to mind listening to the new release from this ubiquitous Richmond group. Serving the role as lead singer and guitarist, Wood is accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Jeff Williams, bassist Ricky Breland, fiddler Mike Ferry, drummer Kris Krull and percussionist/  vocalist Jamie Wood. Throughout 10 tracks (and a bonus track), they weave stories of loneliness, desertion, romance, boozing, traveling... very much a cross-section of the American experience. 
Songs are written more in the form of rhyming prose than as couplets, which helps bolster the storytelling. Sonically, the group resembles alt-rock pioneers Uncle Tupelo or early Ryan Adams. The idea behind the music is well- communicated, and the songs are executed with precision. The Atkinsons have been performing on Richmond stages for more than four years, and the time and experience are reflected in the maturity of this recording."


"Caroline" was played on Studio B New Rock 102.1 on May 27, 2007.


Richmond Times Dispatch Weekender Bill Craig on May 17, 2007.


"Water Town" was GarageBand.com as Americana Track of the Day on May 2, 2007.


The Music Seen aired PBS encore performance on April 5, 2007 with The Atkinsons, Palominos and Buttercup.


"American Gothic" review in the Radar section of Richmond Magazine's April 2007.

"It's not as easy these days to find a sprawling country road that's not bisected by a major interstate.  But if you can find that road, The Atkinsons' debut Americana album American Gothic may be a good traveling companion.  The six-piece Richmond group blends country and rock, laced with mandolin and fiddle accents - as well as a bit of sawdust and whiskey thrown in for good measure."


"Water Town" played on NPR 88.9FM WCVE on Page Wilson's "Out O' The Blue Radio Review on March 17, 2007.


"Out of Time" was GarageBand.com as Americana Track of the Day on March 17, 2007.


"Caroline" played on the Great American Music Hour podcast on March 12, 2007.


Live performance of "Out of Time"  on the Virginia This Morning show, and Dickie was interviewed by Bill Bevins, on WTVR CBS on March 12, 2007.


"Caroline" was GarageBand.com as Americana Track of the Day on March 11, 2007.


Richmond.com SoundOff included ATK's "American Gothic" CD release show as the show pick for March 10, 2007. 

"The band delivers country music in the vein of early '70s Stones – rough, honest and devoid of the cheeseball element. Lead singer Dickie Wood has the nicotine- and whiskey-stained vocals of Robert Earl Keen, and is the perfect compliment to the band's raucous fiddle throwdowns."  -Caine O'Rear, Richmond.com Sound Off


Style Weekly Inside Track March 7, 2007

"After teasing us for so long with their mandolin- and fiddle-soaked Americana songs, 

The Atkinsons’ long-awaited debut CD is finally being released. “American Gothic” tells the story of a nameless tragic hero from his birth to adulthood, and then, through streaks of bad luck and bad decisions, his death. Although the lyrical content is dark, you know the music and melodies will be upbeat, so bring your tappin’ toes to the CD release show at Cafe Diem March 10."


ATK was featured in Richmond Times-Dispatch: Flair on January 12, 2007.


Live performance on The Music Seen series on WCVE PBS Richmond in June 2006 and aired on November 22, 2006.


Interview on TheRichmondBuzz and ATK was chosen #1 on "The List" in November 06.

"The Atkinsons are one of the best Americana bands in Richmond. This band delivers a good time with fantastic performances and songs that make people want to sing along. Original songs like "Caroline" and "Best Thing" tap into deep emotions with lyrics of bittersweet tales of woe and heartbreak. The Atkinsons are a unique ensemble of musicians with a great harmonizing sound!"  -Scott Eicholtz, The Richmond Buzz


Richmond Music Journal Hot List posted The Atkinsons at #4, Dickie and Jamie at #13 and Richmond Roots Revival at #1 on Nov. 3, 2006! 


Live performance on WRIR 97.3 Local's Only promoting Richmond Roots Revival's 2-Year Anniversary Show at Alley Katz on October 21, 2006. 


"Caroline" played on the Great American Music Hour podcast on July 24, 2006.

Live performance on the Real Estate Show on RICH-TV Channel 79 on August 3, 2005.


ATK played the Menokin Americana Music Festival in Warsaw and were interviewed on WRAR FM 105.5 and WNNT River Country FM 100.9 on April 24, 2004.

"The Atkinsons light up a crowd from the moment they take the stage.  Tight melodies wrapped around a fire-brand message of lost hope and forlorn women. Open up a whiskey bottle, ease the chair back on the cabin porch and let the music take over."  -J. Tayloe Emery, Menokin Americana Music Festival

Live performance on WHAN 1430 AM in Hanover on "Drive Thru with Rog" on April 22, 2004.






Live pics at Cary St. Cafe by Scott Baker

Live pics at The National by Hot Shots by Christen

Live pics at Cafe Diem by Don Mears

Live pics at Carytown Watermelon Festival by Scott Eicholtz

Live pics at The Canal Club by Cynthia Newmark

Other pics by various friends

Live videos at The National by Forest George



The TRUE Atkinsons


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